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Mustafiz married

The groom arrived. Born Mustafizur Rahman from the car. Photo: NTV

Finally wait for the wait. The time was about 2 in the afternoon. From the private car, the groom wearing a colorful Sarovani got down. Blessings in the eyes of the bride laughing. There is no shortage of interest around the groom. The name of the groom that Mustafizur Rahman! The favorite world of cricket!

Today, on Friday, the wedding season cutter Master Master Mustafiz

Tarantulia village of Tarii Union of Kaliganj of Barar house. From there, the private car, the microbus and the motorcycle left for the party. The destinations are Jagannathpur village of Hadipur area of ​​Noapara union of Debhata upazila. There was waiting for the bride Sumaiya Parvin Shimu Their marriage is done in the enchanting environment. Then there was the lunch arrangement.

The ceremony was already going on in the bride's house. Mustafizur Rahman played late in the marriage Mustafiz reached with his father Abul Kashem and mother Mahmuda Khatun with the bridegroom in the house of Sumaiyya Parvin Shimura.

The bridegroom was taken straight to the doorstep of the house. There everyone is waiting in a room. At the time the 3 touches touches. Mustafiz's head rose to the top. Kazi Abul Bashar of Noapara, wife registrar Debabatara still waiting. Finally, with permission, the bridegroom and bride laughed. Signed the registry paper. Witness's elder brother Mahfuzur Rahman Mithu was the master of Cutter-Master.

Mustafizur Rahman and Sumaiyya Parvin Shimu were tied in the dome of five lakh rupees.

The relatives of the bride and the bride said that the marriage was initially ended with relatives in the domestic environment. Then, after the World Cup, it will be a pomp and after the World Cup. Then it will be told to everyone.

Mustafiz's cousin sister about Shimu. He passed HSC with 'A plus' from Sakhipur Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah College in Debhata in 2018. Earlier, he passed the Golden A Plus from Nalta High School in 2016. SSC At present, Shimu is studying in the Department of Psychology at Dhaka University.

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