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'Mushfiqi plays, how well India knows'

Famous commentator Harsha Voghole spoke about Bangladesh. Photo: Collected

"Mushfiqur Rahim is a wonderful batsman," said the famous commentator Harsha Voghele. It also said, how Mushfiqi plays, India knows very well.

While reporting the condition of World Cup teams in the YouTube channel 'Crickbay', the newspaper said harsh bhogali Regarding Mashrafe, he said, "He is one of the best captains right now."

Mushfiqake India, why not drag the topic? Bangladesh defeated Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dravid in the 2007 World Cup. India is excluded from the first phase. Mushfiq, who scored 56 runs in the match, played a great innings

Bangladesh shuts off India in Asia Cup in 2012 The target given by India was 288. Tendulkar made his 100th century Bangladesh makes it shine. Mushfiq, who scored 46 runs in the last match of the match,

Voghele said, "Bangladesh is very experienced. This is their best team in the World Cup. A team playing with passionate passion. Tamim, Mashrafe, Shakib, Mushfiq, Mahmudullah are playing together for a long time.

He said, Bangladesh has a great home. But the record will be tightened outside the country. Regarding the batting of Bangladesh, he said, "Making a batting line around Tamim. Soumese has great ability. The batting side is good. '

Voghele said, "Mosaddek, Mahmudullah, Shakib, Mehdi Spin bowling all-rounder. They are best at home But in English conditions, Mashrafe, Fij, Rubel will play well. Sumery good seamer. '

Mashrafe said that Harshav Bose is different. He said, 'One issue will be on behalf of Bangladesh. In terms of time, the team was formed as a whole party. Led by Mashrafe The knee surgery, septinpine filling bandage, came in the game with the status quo in the Mashrafe team. He is one of the best captains right now. He holds the whole party. Maybe back to politics after the World Cup. '

Harsh Voghele said, "Shakib has returned the number one seat, Mushfiq has always fought, he knows how well India is. Finishing is good Mahmudullah Sabbir, Liton is also great.

Finally, to other parties, Harsha said, 'There is no chance of taking Bangladesh lightly.'

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