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Motor racer Sneha Sharma will compete in the second round of the International Series | Sneha, India's fastest motor racer, runs cars for 15 days a month and also flies for 15 days

Sneha Sharma secures second place in Ladies Cup International Series
Sneha will arrive in the second round of the International Series on April 14

Sports desk Sneha Sharma is considered India's fastest female motor racer. Sneha secured second place in the Ladies Cup International Series in Malaysia last month. This is the first medal of International level of Sneha. He was the only Indian player to join the tournament. In addition to the 28-year-old Sneha racing, there is also a pilot in Indigo Airlines. They drive cars for 15 days a month and fly for 15 days.

Sneha told that she could not practice before the international event in Malaysia. They took part in the Mumbai-Pune Rally to the Valley on Sunday. There were 600 women car racers involved. They will arrive in the second round of the International Series on April 14.

Trainer for muscle recovery, after knee injury
Sneha said that he had difficulty in balancing the flying-racing. The muscle recovery was not able to recover. For this reason I kept a trainer, but it was reversed. For this reason both of my knees were injured. After this I had to undergo a lot of physiotherapy and reheb.

Pilot went to California for the course, then racing started, after the job started
Sneha, a Mumbai-based resident, started taking part in the go-kart race since 2004. They spent the whole time after school in this Sneha says that when she was in the 10th class, she saw practicing two racers in the national championship. I started taking training from those racers and gave my pocket money money. Apart from racing skills, learned breaking skills. I practiced on the hour track.

After this Sneha started off in the smallest championship. During a race, former racer Raymond asked Sneha's racing to get him into the National Karting Championship. Meanwhile, for the pilot's course, he went to America for 11 months. Sneha said, "When I was 17, I went to California for a flying course. After this I thought that my sporting career would end. Then I did not think I would be able to reach here. But I wanted to come back in racing.

Sneha Runner-up at the National Karting Championship in 2009
After the job Sneha started racing again. Sneha was runner-up in the National Karting Championship in 2009. After this Sneha started singing in a single race. In 2010, he landed in National Car Racing and remained in Top 5 In 2014, the big tournament started to land. Formula Race also came in 3. Racing is an expensive game. Sneha uses the money from the job here. He told that he was ranked fourth on the first Formula Race.

Airbus 320 is flying, the command found last year
Sneha said that I joined Indigo at the age of 20. I am flying Airbus 320 at the age of 21. I received the command in 2018. The price of an Airbus is approximately 700 crores. This is the world's fastest-selling plane. This is the second most expensive plane of Airbus Family.

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