Mikaela Shiffrin became the first person to claim 15 World Cup wins in a single season | America's Mikaela won 15 titles in a season, broke the 30-year-old record - Online Betting Guides
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Mikaela Shiffrin became the first person to claim 15 World Cup wins in a single season | America's Mikaela won 15 titles in a season, broke the 30-year-old record

Skier Mikaela said – 19 year old cancer victim fan gets inspiration
Mikaela became the first skier to win 15 titles in a season

Sports desk America's skier Mikaela Schiffrine won the Women's World Cup of Sloom event. In an event taking place in Slovenia's Kranska Gora, Mikaela won the first run by a difference of 0.37 seconds and the second run by 0.85 sec. This is Mikaela's 15th World Cup title this season. He has become the first player in the world to do this. Earlier, no female or male skier could win 15 titles in one season.

Mikaela's total 58th World Cup win
The previous record was 14 World Cup wins in a season, which was established by Switzerland skier Verney Schneider in 1988. Mikaela was running third in the slam event until one day earlier. Petra Vahlova of Slovakia continued to maintain an edge over Mikaela. But on the last day Mikaela did tremendous fallback This is Mikaela's total 58th World Cup win. Mikaela's inspiration is her 19-year-old fan, who is cancerous. Micaela opened the bonding of himself and this fan.

Mikaela is considered to be the best skier of this round because …

He has won the World Cup for the third time in a tough competition, the Slalom competition.
In the entire career, Mikaela Shiffrin has won the Slalom World Cup title six times.
Mikaela has won the skiing world's Crystal Globe.
Apart from this, Bronze has also won gold and giant slam in Mikaela Superji.
The Olympics has won 3 medals including 2 gold and 7 gold medals including 5 gold in the world championships.

Mikaela says- 'My every victory is the name of the world's emerging women athletes'
Mikaela said, "When I was younger, like all the kids, I had a dream that I would play well and earn a name through the game. Today, after so many years, I am extremely surprised to see my name among the world's good athletes. My every win is the name of all the emerging female athletes all over the world. I am saying this because one day I met a single female athlete, who inspired me a lot and motivated till date. I am giving it to you. "

'I met seven years ago from Emma'
He further said, "The day I won my first World Cup, I met Sweden's Emma Landell on that day." The 19-year-old Emma had come to meet me as my fan, talked to Emma with confidence and positiveness. It was found that he had cancer, his chemotherapy was underway, yet his choice and passion for skiing has not diminished. He also sees skiing and also has the ability to ski A visit that impresses me so much that today 7 years have passed since that meeting, yet Amma is my inspiration.

'Emma encourages to move forward in every sphere of life'
Mikaela said, "The inspiration from seeing this story of struggle with life in front of the eyes, not only plays, but also encourages to move forward in every field of life. Inspiration from Emma is a great help to me. Look at this example: In the Slalom event, I was walking to third place till one day earlier, today was the last day. I had nothing to do to save me, so I would give everything up Or. I will do skiing ranging told myself at risk, fighting skiing do, enjoy the skiing Krokkuske will later seen. "

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