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Messi's return to honor

Lionel Messi has returned to the Argentina team after nearly eight and a half months in the last World Cup in Russia. And three months later, in Latin America, the most prestigious football tournament in Latin America, Copa America. As part of the preparation for the tournament, Argentina will face Morocco on Friday night and Argentina will face Morocco three days later. Messi will be playing in Albieleclede again after the match. The superstar has already joined the team's training camp in Spain.

Messi returns to the team after Argentina team coach Lionel Sculloni and the management of the team have rigged. However, the former coach of the Argentine team, Caesar Lui Menotti, disagreed with the rejoinder of the return. Now Manojty, who is in charge of the team manager, expressed his opinion against returning to Messi right now.

However, Argentina's goalkeeper Juan Musso expressed the complete opposite of the team manager. Messi is reputable for the team to be reinstated as the goalkeeper of the Italian Serie A team Udayesche. In a conversation with the media, Musso said, "We are very happy to get him back in the national team again. Like all other members of the team, Leo is working hard to practice. '

Messi is the highest goalscorer in the history of Argentine football in international matches. See also the latest form of the Barcelona star, scored 65 goals for Albiselester. In La Liga, Messi has sent the ball 39 times in Barcelona this season, with the ball. The Argentine goalkeeper, optimistic about getting Messi, who is at the top of the form, said, "We hope to have the expectations on us, we can fill it together. Hope we get the desired results. '

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