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Messi's hat-trick was a great win for Barça

Barcelona beat Real Betis by 4-1 in the semifinals by winning the title of La Liga title. Lionel Messi became the first player to win a match at Betey on Sunday night. The Argentine football magician made an extraordinary hat-trick in November last year to give revenge for Betty's defeat.

Barca suffered a great resistance at the start of the match on Sunday. Real bets on match-attack by attacking every side when they play But Barsei did the job. Battyis, against the weakness of finishing, went ahead 2-0 in the first half. In the first half, Messi scored two goals for Barca. In the 18th minute he sent the ball to a great freak. This superstar has scored again in the first half of the injury time. Barça skipper Luis Suarez scored a perfect goal from the pass of the ball to give the team 2-0 goals.

In the second half, the goal was exactly 18 minutes. Suarez scored a fine goal from two midfielders who ran away from Bettis. The 3-0 goal went on to make a huge effort to revive the bets. Finally, they reduced the gap in 82 minutes of the match. Deborah Lions passed the ball in the D-box and got Lauren Moron pass He scored a fine shot in the scoreline 3-1.

Five minutes before the match, Messi's hat-trick was full. Nice midfielder Rakitik has got the ball from the pass and he gets the ball from the ball on the goalkeeper's head, Messi. At the end of the 4-1 win, the Catalan left the field.

In this win, Barcelona, ​​with 66 points in 28 matches, has strengthened the top of the league table.

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