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Messi will renew the contract with Barcelona?

Defender Jordi Alba signed a new contract with Barcelona on Monday. Accordingly, this Spanish Defender will be in the Nou camp until 2024. Albera hopes to make a new agreement: Lionel Messi will extend the extension of his current contract with the Catalan giants. Barcelona's current contract with Messi ends in June 2021

Recently, Alba said, 'Hopefully Messiyo will be with us for a long time. My understanding with him is great. Playing with him I made a lot of progress. Hopefully he will agree to stay in Barcelona for more days like me.

Alba said about his contract, "I am grateful to the club for having confidence in me in the new way. I was in the youth team for eight years. And now we have got the opportunity to stay here for five more years now. That's why I am also grateful to the agents. They helped to make a new agreement. At the same time, I would like to thank my family too. In all, I want to thank my friends, especially my wife and children who are always supporting me. Right now I am passing the best time of career. I am looking forward to winning more titles for Barca. "

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