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Messi-Salah face-off today

This is an ordeal. On the one hand, Barcelona won the Spanish La Liga title this season, while Liverpool, running for the title in the English Premier League, In today's semi-final match of the UEFA Champions League, it is also known as the fight of Lionel Messi and Mohammed Salah. Barca and Liverpool will face Bangladesh in the first leg match of the semi-finals. Messi, who is on top of the form of home camp, will be honored by the English Premier League's highest goalscorer Mohammed Salahar.

Lionel Messi has confirmed La Liga title this season with three matches in hand. Messi himself is the best form in the field. The team is going to be one goal after another. The Argentine magician is ahead in the fight to win the Golden Glory Award for the highest scorer in the European competition. There have been 34 goals in the season so far for the Catalan. His teammates are also in good form. So the fight against Barca will not be easy for Liverpool.

On the other hand, Liverpool are playing with the mentality of not losing the English Premier League title. Only two rounds left of the league, but only one point behind Manchester City, Alreddas are behind. Golmasin Mohammad Mohammed Salah, who is famous for his team, is doing regular scores. This Egyptian star has scored 21 goals for Already, the highest scorer of this season in the Premier League. Even if you lose some form in the middle, Salah shows you the best of all. So the English team will not talk to Barcelona.

Liverpool have to be frustrated when they lose to Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League last season. Now the team will not want to make any mistake. But in the fight to get to the final today is the biggest obstacle in front of them Barcelona The fight against the Spanish champions will not be easy, it is well known that Liverpool coach Jürgen Klap At the press conference before the first leg of the semifinals, the difficult is waiting for them in front of them. The German coach said, "We were fighting for the title last year, but they have been in this fight for almost 20 years. It will be a tough fight. '

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