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Messi-Ronaldo more expensive than Abba!

Age is not yet twenty full. Has already won the Football World Cup. The French League has reached the title twice, and PSG scored goals after the goal in the league. The French forward has been the fourth in the latest FIFA Ballon d'Or showing great speed and skill. Kiliyan Mbppe is now one of the world's qatars. Now he is more valuable than the current Ballon d'Or of the current generation, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, "Special One" renowned coach Jose Mourinho.

According to Mourinho, because of incredible football skills and age, the world's football market is more valuable than Messi and Ronaldo. In a conversation with the media, Brain Sports, Mourinho said that he would not be surprised even at the moment when Abba, the world's most expensive footballer, surpassed Neymar in a possible bidder's market. "Messi and Ronaldo have reached the age of thirty, Neymar has 27. Aging is a big deal in the market. In my opinion, Emba is now the world's most expensive player.

Marinio, impressed by the performance of EmbaP, said, "Kylian is incredible indeed! This is a word enough to convey his quality. When discussing the future of a player like him, it is to say that after five years or 10 years he will rise to a height, it is not necessary to think about it. Now she's an incredible one. '

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