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Messi Messi finishes in Barcelona

March 14, 2014, 14:43 | Update: 14 March, 2015, 15:25
In the last sixteen matches of the UEFA Champions League, Lionel Messi's extraordinary accomplishment has seen football fans. In the first leg, they were drawn in the absence of Lyon. On Wednesday night, Messi broke the Olympic lion with a 5-1 victory over Messi in the Euro Cup quarter-final on Wednesday.

Barcelona go ahead in the 17th minute of the match Messi The referee ordered the penalty when Luis Suarez was fouled in the box. This Argentine star scored excellent shot from Spotcich.

In the 31st minute of the match, Brazilian star Kutineho doubled the gap to Barcelona. After a while, in the battle of ball possession, Liverpool's leg goalkeeper Lopez is hit on the feet of Kutinho. He was forced to leave the field in the 34th minute as he fell ill due to his decision to continue playing after primary treatment in the field. There was no other goal in the first half. Barcelona 2-0 goals ahead

Leo tries to return to the game in the second half. In the 58th minute Lucas Tourett's goal was reduced by the guest team (1-2 – 2). Just 20 minutes later Messi's goal was increased by Barca (3-1). He did not make a mistake in pushing the ball into the opponent's net with the increased force of the bushes.

Gerrard PK scored the fourth goal for Barça in 81 minutes. Five minutes later Messi magic again Take the ball from the midfield and quickly enter the box and shoot at the Conakuni shot. So the former champions of the Asr celebrate the big win.

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