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Messi angry over angry supporters!

In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on Tuesday night, Spanish champions Barcelona and English club Liverpool Lionel Messi and Lewis Suarez, who are in the form of Barcelona in the form of a great form, Liverpool lose the team star Mohammed Salah due to injury before the match. For the absence of 'injury to death', the team's second star Ferminova has been ruled out of the match because of an injury. In all, before the match, Barcelona favored football fans and analysts for the financier seats in Barcelona.

Barcelona won the first leg 3-0 in the home camp at the Nou Camp and had already made one leg in the final. Possible all hostile situations were so prevalent for Liverpool. But Aladdin was surprised by the football world and won all the obstacles in the match. The team, who were marginally upset by a 4-0 win over Barça, went into the final. On the other hand, despite the favorable conditions, the defeat of the Catalan was called "the best fall of the century".

A lot of Catalan fans flew to see the match in Liverpool's Field Anfild. The team's supporters dumped the players at the airport after unexpected defeats. Barcelona fans are disappointed by the behavior of Lionel Messi This Argentine Superstar is going to lose his temper on angry fans. At the same time, in the voice of the voice, 'What have I done!', But the Catalan audience did not give up again to repeat the same dual. Repeat Messi said, 'What have I done!'

However, the anger of the supporters of Barcelona is not entirely inappropriate. Even after having won the first leg legally, Ernesto Valverd's team lost shamelessly. The team's players made mistakes in their own defense after a childish mistake. Therefore, to beat the four goals of the tournament, they have to be knocked out of the tournament. In the last season of the Champions League, Barcelona have similar results. Messi and Suarez left the tournament after losing the first leg in the first leg against the Italian team A S. Roma.

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