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Messi ahead in the fight against Zarora


In addition to all the European top leagues, the highest scorer of the season, the ‘Golden Shoe’ award was awarded. Last year, Messi scored 34 goals for Barcelona, ​​the Argentine magician Lionel Messi Winning the fifth-man award, Cristiano Ronaldo won the record four times behind. The European leagues in this season have reached midway. She is running first time this year. Let’s take a look, who is the fight of winning the most goalscorer. 

Lionel Messi: Where did the last season last, Messi started right from there. Barcelona have already scored 18 goals. In all, he played 36 matches in the season, topping the list of Europe’s top scorers. 

KillianEmbope: French World Cup winning star Kylian Mbabpe is in second place. Paris Saint-Germain Strikers scored 17 goals in 34 games. In October last year, PSG won 5-0 goals against Lions in just 13 minutes and scored four goals alone. A few days ago, hat-trick against Gangster 

Mohammad Salah: Last year, the English Premier League’s ‘Golden Boot’ wins Mohammad Salah is in the list. In this season, 16 goals have been scored in 32 matches for Liverpool. The Egyptian star made a hat-trick in the 4-0 win over Bournemouth in December. 

Fabio Cagliarià: Experienced Italian Italian is spending a great season for Sompire in ‘Sir A’. So far Fabio Caglière has captured Mohammad Salah from 16 goals in 32 matches. Legendary Gabriel Battistura scored a goal in the match against Udinese, scoring 11 goals in the series ‘A’. 

LuissSuerez: In this season of Barcelona’s form, Luis Suarez is in the middle of the rise. But Uruguayan striker has just scored 15 goals in 30 matches. He is not too lagging behind the ‘Golden Shoe’ win. Apart from 

End, 15 goals scored by Lillel Nicolas Pepe, Juventus’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Tottenham Harry Kane, PSG’s Edison Cavani and Atlanta’s Duvan Japta are the top ten goals. Brazilian Superstar Neymar is at number 12 in the 13th round.

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