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MBAppe-D Maria brought PSG to the crown

Angel de Maria and Kylian Mbabpé brought the title of PSG to the French League. On both occasions, on Sunday night, Marshall defeated PSG by 3-1 goals. It is a matter of time for the team to win 20 points more than the second-placed Lily in the one-match game. The PSG points of 28 matches are now 77. In the 29 matches, in the second position with 57 points, Lynne has the second position.

On the first day of the match at the home ground, Marshal sent the ball twice twice, PSG. De Maria scored in the 15th minute of the match, but the referee playing offside of the offside with the help of VAr. Then PSG got the desired goal at the time of injury. De Mariah passed the D-box from the pass and sent the ball to Kanakuni shot in the ambush.

In the second half of the match, Samaritira equals back to the equation In the 46th minute of the match, defeating the PSG goalkeeper in a perfect placeholding shot, Valerie returned to the Garima match 1-1. After nine minutes, PSG goes on again. In the 55th minute, D'Maria scored a brilliant shot from a strong angle. In the 61st minute came out of the de-box and hit the ball with a hand and saw the red card. Marshall Goalkeeper. As a result, the guests turned into 10 people. D. Maria, who scored 3-1 goals ahead of PSG with a fantastic goal from that freestyle.

At the end of the match, the MBPP gets a penalty in the D-box and the penalty gets PSG. But he took the shot from the spot kick and took the shotgun.

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