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Mashrafe's emotive tribute to the self-sacrificing Sohel

On March 28, a furious fire in Banani F. Towers took place. Fire brigade member Sohail Rana was seriously injured when he was trapped inside the building. The fire brigade worker, who was seriously injured while saving another's life, was admitted to a Singapore hospital for better treatment after the prime minister's instructions. But the countrymen went to the country not to return to the country on April 8 under the treatment of weeping Sohel.

The fact of sacrificing his life for humanity touched everyone's heart. Prayers for the departed soul of Sohail and compassion for his family are involved in the procession of people of all classes and profession. Bangladesh ODI captain and MP Mashrafe Bin Mortaza has not been dropped from this list. Mashrafe has paid commendable tribute to Sohel in a social media platform.

In a position on his official Facebook page, the country pacer wrote, "We talk about the story's superhero … Spider man, Superman, they are constantly affecting our lives. But we do not know how many such superheroes are around us. They do not get accustomed with their tea chat We do not remember their abandonment. Today, we will talk about a superman. The name of this superman is Sohel Rana.

In the latter part of the post, Mashrafe wrote, 'He was a firefighter of Bangladesh Fire Service. On March 28, at Banani FT Tower, participated in fire-fighting and rescue operations. Fearless people stranded in the F.R. But he was seriously injured while working in the rescue. He was sent to Singapore for treatment. Her death was due to her death at 2:17 pm on Monday in Bangladesh. We are deeply remembered by all Superman like Sohel Rana.

The tribute to the superhero of the cricket field of the cricket field spreads to the superheroes who sacrificed their lives for humanity through social contact. Mashrafe praised Sohel for expressing such sympathetic sympathy.

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