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Mashrafe wants to stop the devastating West Indies

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Bangladesh face West Indies in their fifth World Cup match The two teams will face Tontane on Monday. Mashrafeera won seven of last match against Caribbean What is the continuity of this match?

However, Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza believes that the previous record will not be very useful in this match. He said, "In this type of tournament every day they have to play with different teams. So Mind does not have to setup all the time. However, the West Indies are very tough opponents. The party can do anything in their day. We have to take care of that. We have to be careful. So, I did not win seven matches before that, so I can not say that win. "

However, Bangladesh captain said that the West Indies will not be able to do anything devastating, Bangladesh captain said, "We have to be careful about their batting. We can take wickets first. You should be careful not to destroy anything.

Tottenen's field is a bit smaller. Many people think that West Indies will benefit from such ground. Mashrafe said, "In fact West Indies can do well in any field. But the field is small but the opportunity will be ours too. But there are some challenges for the bowlers in the field. "

Bangladesh has got only three points from four matches. So, Bangladesh captain, who is not thinking of winning the match, said, "There is no alternative to winning this match. Even if we won the last match, it would have been in this match. '

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