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Mashrafe took Kohli if he had the opportunity!

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World Cup cricket is going on in the field on May 30. The main goal is to get the start of this tournament in the upcoming match. Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza believes that if the start is good, then he can achieve something bigger in the series. But if there was a chance to get a player in the team, then Bangladesh captain or Virat Kohli would have taken it.

Mashrafe said, "Kohli is the best batsman of the period. Under pressure he plays his best. If I had the opportunity to take one, I would take Kohli to the team. "

And the Bangladesh captain said about his team, 'Our team has been formed with the combination of young and experienced. Everyone in the team is playing top-level cricket. Their performance is also pretty good. Apart from that we lost the West Indies a few days ago and we won the tri-series title. It will give us confidence in the World Cup. '

The Bangladesh captain said about the performance of the team, "For the last four years, this team is playing great cricket for us. I want to start this World Cup well. Then self-confidence will increase. It's very important for big events. It is easy to move forward in the beginning if it is good. '

Meanwhile, before leaving Bangladesh on Wednesday, Mashrafe said, "At the moment, we can not afford to play in the semifinals, the big challenge. But it is not impossible. Although difficult it is certainly possible. Earlier, losing in one of the big teams in the group stage was enough. So we have to be careful. "

But Bangladesh captain warned supporters not to overdo the Bangladesh team, but said, "It will not be easy for us to achieve this success." Because we will have to fight against the strongest teams in the first three matches. It would not be easy to do something good against them. "

Bangladesh will play official preparatory match against India and Pakistan in Cardiff on 26 and 28 May. Tigers' World Cup mission will start from Thursday as the ICC's guest. Lal-Sabujara will start the World Cup against South Africa on 2 o'clock on June 2.

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