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Mashrafe thought about the World Cup

World Cup at the door. The world's biggest cricket event is set in May-June. A comprehensive discussion about how the Bangladesh team will be playing in this tournament in England. Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza said that he thought about his thoughts. At a ceremony in the capital, some parts of his talk about the World Cup were presented to NTV Online readers:

Q: What is happening anywhere in the Bangladesh team at this moment?

Mashrafe: For a long time, there seems to be some weakness in our finishing. It is not right to blame the juniors. We lost many close matches in the last two-three years. Not only was the time to chase the run, even when we batted first, we could not stand a good score from a good position. So we have a problem in this place. This place is very important in the World Cup tournament. There will be some matches that will be close. It plays a role in the defeat of the team. We must be concerned about this. But I believe the mistakes can be corrected quickly.

Defense: Will the performance of the Dhaka League be played in the World Cup?

Mashrafe: Actually there is no such concern about the Dhaka League. Because here I saw that many people have 'straggled' in 100 international cricket. Again, getting many wickets here can not do well in international matches. So I think mentality is much more important. What is psychologically prepared and what he is doing specifically in this game is important. I think the World Cup mental stability is very important.

Q: What about the World Cup team selection?

Mashrafe: I'm not part of the team selection. I'm not in the team selection. But no matter what 15 people come, whether they are performing or not, that is not the case. Our main focus will be the Ireland series and the World Cup is what we are doing as a team. I am dragging the previous one, we have got many wickets here in international cricket, we've got a straggle and senior players like me or others have also done it. Again, here we have seen bad, we have done well here. The sky and the spacing are in two places. For this reason, I am saying that many things will depend on who will be mentally prepared. Who is running or doing the selection panel will decide who will go and who will not.

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