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Mashrafe said before the final

17 May 2015, 13:04 | Update: May 17, 2014, 14:20

Bangladesh face West Indies in the final of the tri-series in Ireland The match starts at Malahed in Dublin on Thursday at 4 pm. Bangladesh cricket team has played six final finals in their own history. But the Tigers have left the field in defeat of each of the four one-dayers and two Twenty20s. Before heading into the seventh final today, the team's captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza, to keep away the word 'Final', The team wants to play the final against West Indies as the other ten matches.

The Bangladesh team made a formal meeting with the final on Friday. After the meeting, Captain Mashrafe faced the media. Commenting on the history of their previous fixtures and a few of the reactions of today's match, the Tiger captain said, "We have to win every match to win. But there is more hope in the final. Earlier, we did not win the final, but the matter was also on the mind. So, I am trying to stay away from this discussion. "

Bangladesh will be playing favorites for the first time in the final. There is a lot of expectations for the countrymen and the people of the country. But captain Mashrafe wants to keep the focus on field cricket without thinking anything else. "I have played the previous matches, I am planning to play the final as well," he said without wanting to take the final extra pressure. Do not think excessive pressure is too much thinking or planning too much. For this, we did not discuss the final match in the team meeting separately. And the way I did the ten matches, I did the same way. I am trying to keep the boys away from the heat as far as I can.

Importantly, there is doubt about the game of all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. Shakib left the field after batting in the match against Ireland on Wednesday. Shakib has some pain but there is some pain. So, the team management has left the decision on whether to play in the final against the West Indies. It will be decided to play or not play the final status this morning.

However, if the all-rounder is not in the team, the team has the capability to win the final, said Captain Mashrafe. The Tiger captain said, "How big is the captain or the big cricketer for Bangladesh, everyone knows. If Shakib can not play, miss him, it is not good news for us. But along with this, we also have the ability to win this match apart from Shakib. That's why the best 15 people are brought. '

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