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Mashrafe jersey, El Lal, ICC approval

Mashrafeera going to the field after the new jersey Photo: BCB

Finally, the change in the Bangladesh team's jersey in the World Cup. Red color is brought in green jersey. In the green jersey, in the middle of the red color will be written in white ink. The ICC has got the approval of the new jersey.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) said in a news release on Friday.

The jersey of Bangladesh was officially unveiled on 29th April. It is unveiled by the other players of the party without Shakib, board president Nazmul Hassan Papon. But there was no red color in that green green. This is a storm of criticism through social media. Many complain that the jersey of Bangladesh has become like Pakistan and Ireland. After that, the Bangladesh team also made photoscations after the jersey.

In this context, BCB has changed the jersey. It has not happened in three days. BCB said it was designed to write on the red, Bangladesh was written by jersey. However, the ICC said they wanted to be red instead of red. Later, the writ in Bangladesh was approved by the British.

After that the new jersey is designed. There is a vermilion on the chest of the red in Bangladesh. The ICC has approved.

BCB president Nazmul Hassan Papon said on Tuesday, "The ICC has given permission to change the World Cup jersey of Bangladesh. Cricketers will play in the World Cup next after the new jersey. '


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