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Maradona’s unforgettable celebration is the best list

In the field of football matches, such as exciting, the diverse gestures of coaches outside Dogout are less interesting. Worried about the bad situation of the team, the coaches who are in a state of chaos are thrilled to see the team win. They gave birth to a few pictures of memorable moments in joyous memory. Argentina’s ‘Football God’ Diego Maradona has made it one of the best celebrations in the history of football coaches. Publisher’s website released the list today. Maradona’s celebration is the fifth place in the list when he is the national team’s coach. 

Diego Maradona (Argentina vs Peru, October 2009) 

2010 To qualify for the World Cup, the team is standing on the edge of the pitcher. Their fate is hanging on the thread. After the dismissal of Alfio Basil, Argentina was given the responsibility to take the World Cup to the legend Maradona. To go to the World Cup, in the ‘Mast Win’ match, Peru face Peru. At the time of the match, Martín Palermo is guaranteed to play the World Cup in Argentina. At the end of the 

match, the then coached Maradona rode on the field. He stretched out the penguin’s legs on the grass of the rainwashed field and stretched it. His celebration of the joy of victory captured the attention of football fans around the world. 
About 10 years later, today it is the list of the coaches’ history-best celebration. There are more on the list: Liverpool coach Egorgan Clope, Inter Milan and FC Porto coach, while the two celebrations of José Marinio, Newcastle United’s Allan Pardew, Galatassar’s Graeme Swaines, David Plitt of Looten, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, Croatia national coach Slavon Bialich and Brazil coach Teet .

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