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Maradona has been arrested

Controversy and Diego Maradona as well as holding hands by walking. This football magician has been headlined in the field of sports and many other outdoor grounds. During the 1994 World Cup, the life of the play ended in a controversial stance. Then, in the last years, there have been regular discussions about the birth of the various criticism and criticism of the Argentine former football star. Maradona has been arrested on Thursday as the latest addition to the controversy. According to information provided by the Argentine press, the police arrested him from the Airport of Buenos Aires in the case of girlfriend Rossi Oliver.

Maradona, however, was not arrested in prison but arrested Police have released him after showing him arrested in a friendly case. However, a notice has been issued to him. The Argentine legend has been ordered to appear compulsory in the court on June 13 in the case.

According to the Argentine press, Maradona was introduced to Oliver in 2012. The woman with golden hair herself used to play soccer once. So the age difference between the two ages is almost 30 years, but the relationship gets accustomed. Quickly get closer to each other. Maradona buys a house in Buenos Aires, Maradona. However, since the responsibility of coaching a group of the second division of Mexico, most of the time Mexico should be in Diegoo Because of this, the distance between the two continued to grow. Last December, Maradona was split with girlfriend Oliver.

After being divorced, Rossi Olivea filed a lawsuit against Maradona for a financial compensation of 9 million dollars or 76 million rupees. The 58-year-old Maradona, who was arrested on his way back from Mexico to Argentina, was arrested.

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