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Manchester United's Coach Ole Gunnar Winning Strategy- Separate Playing XI Of Every Match | Winning strategies of Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar – different match of each match.

Ole Gunner, who lives in Norway, also brings chocolates to the team itself, the talk time with the media is just Friday morning
They say – the more we get together with the player and the support staff, the problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Manchester Manchester United's football club Manchester United has done a great jobback in the current season. Two months ago, the team reached the brink of railways in the English Premier League. Manchester United has not lost any of the 11 matches since Ole Gunnar Solskare became the coach in December. This is the record of manager in the club's 117 year history. In 45-year-old Ole Gunnar's coaching team, the team reached the top four in the first season.

On field and off field strategy of coach Oale Gunner who won 10 of 11 matches in Manchester United
England's football club Manchester United has to face France's top club Paris St. Germain on Wednesday. Both teams will face face-to-face in the pre-quarterfinals of Europe's Big League Champions League. Ole Gner SolsCare has full confidence in his Winning Strategy. With this strategy, he pulled Manchester United out of the losing pit in the current season.

EPL arrived this season for the first time in the top four

United's team won just 7 of 17 matches before becoming their coach, but Manchester United did not lose any of 11 matches after becoming Ole Gunnar's coach on 19 December. The team reached the top four in the English Premier League (EPL) for the first time this season. The strategies outside their field are different and different from inside.

Win without risk
Ole Gunner considers the rotation of the team as a winning formula. They say squash rotation is Risky, but there is no win for the risk. He has kept his team away from the media. They meet the media only one day in a week. Ole Gunner is from Norway. They bring themselves chocolates from Norway to create personal relations with players and staff.

On Field Strategy: Rotating of players is Winning Formula
Generally the winning team manager never makes much alterations in the playing eleven. However, Ole Gunner regards different playing as his strength in every match. They made six changes in the match against Fulham on Saturday. Then the team won 3-0 They say, this does not make the big players tired. Against the small team, we also get the opportunity to test our bench strength.

Play like United
Ole Gunner has played Manchester United for 14 years. The next day he became the coach of the club, told the team, "You are Manchester United, play similarly. United is known for fast pass and attacking game. They constantly resume the strategy to pass the ball faster. The players had the habit of playing this game. The team started winning

Players rely on
The former Mourinho did not have confidence in the players. He did not give the opportunity to young players like Pogba and Marx Rashford, but Ole Gunner expressed confidence in them. As a result, Poba has scored 8 goals and 5 assistants in the last 10 games. Rutherford scored 6 goals out of 8 matches. Both players consider it to be their rebirth.

Correct use of players
Maurinho always had a complaint with the management. They used to say that they do not get the players they want in the team. However, Ole Gunner used the right players in the team. The team's experienced center, Beck Victor Lindelof, joined United in 2017. However, he got a chance in just 28 matches from June 2017 to November 2018 or 17 months. In the last one-and-a-half months, he played 10 matches. In their presence, the team has an average of 0.6 goals in each match. In comparison to the previous goal against United was 1.5 in every match.

Off Field Strategy: Personal Relation from Team
Ole Gunner was removed from José Mourinho as interim manager on December 19. He pressed the team's reset button on December 20. That is, from the very next day, they started working accordingly. There is a personal relationship with their players and staff. Whenever they go to Norway, they bring chocolates and gifts from everyone there. They also join United's staff party.

Talk to the media on Friday morning at 8.30
After Alex Ferguson, every manager made some necessary changes after joining United. David Moises deleted the chips from the menu. Louise Van Gaal took flood light. Ole Gunner determined the time to talk to the media. They talk to the media on Friday morning at 8.30 a.m. on Friday just one day. In this, he also talks more about team performance and preparation. Low on dispute.

Meet every member of the club himself
Ole Gunnar meets every member of the club himself. Whether it is connected to a women's team or associated with an office work. Sometimes they also meet players from the club's junior team. So feel connected to all clubs. Once a few players from the junior team did not recognize him. Nevertheless, Ole Gunnar gave them football tips.

Never criticize players in public
Former United coach Jose Mourinho criticized the team's players on several occasions. Because of them, many big players like Paul Pogba were going to leave the club. Ole Gunnar never criticized the players in public. They say that the inside thing should not come out. This makes the morale of the players fall.

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