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Mahendra Singh Dhoni goes off with 50 percent fine Dhoni fined 50% of match fee, no ball was given to confront the umpire on the field

Dhoni gets confronted with umpire for not giving ball in match against Rajasthan Royals
According to the rules, Dhoni will have to pay his franchisee fines

new Delhi. Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been fined 50% of the match fee for debating the umpire after landing on the field. In fact, during Chennai's batting against Rajasthan, there was an opportunity in the 19th over when the umpire changed his decision after giving the ball no ball. Despite Dhoni being out, he got angry in the field and started giving arguments to the umpire. However, when the decision was not changed, he returned to anger.

Perhaps this was the first time in the history of IPL when Dhoni has gone in the middle of the field in anger. BCCI has imposed this penalty on Dhoni as a violation of the Code of Conduct of the IPL Code of Conduct. Due to his mistake, Dhoni also accepted the order of a fine under Level 2. According to the rules, any player in the IPL fines the fines held on his franchisee.

The controversy over the fourth ball of the 19th over
The last over for Rajasthan was putting Ben Stokes. Ravindra Jadeja was present on the crease with Dhoni. On the third ball of the over, Stokes bowled Dhoni on the yorker. Then came Michel Santnar for batting. Stokes hit the fourth ball full toss, on which umpire Ulhas Gande initially picked up to point to no-ball, but there was no sign of being above the waist in the side of leg umpire Bruce Oxenford. After this Gande did not give no-ball.
Being angry at this, Dhoni came to the ground. However, after the conclusion of Oxenford, he returned unhappy and returned to Daggett.

Controversy over umpiring has happened before

Earlier, the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore has also led to controversy over the umpiring. In that match, RCB needed 7 runs on the last ball. But even though Malinga was out of the line, umpire S Ravi could not see it and Bengaluru lost by 6 runs. If umpire Ravi gave this ball a no ball, then RCB would get one ball and one run extra, as well as free hit. RCB captain Virat Kohli looked very angry with him.

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