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Liverpool fairytale dirty Barcelona

May 08, 08:23 | Update: 08 May, 019, 10: 16 Liverpool in the final by defeating Messi-Suarez. Photo: Collected

Liverpool made history by winning incredible victories in the Champions League final for the second time. Already having lost 3-0 goals against Barcelona in the first leg, Salah broke the Catalan with 4-0 goals without Ferreñino. Liverpool's winning hero Orgy and Winnacle

Incredible though history is that, in the last four rounds of the Champions League, the first leg will be played in the final 3-0 goals. The group is Liverpool. Calling Anfield in his own field, he wrote fairy tales by messing with Messi and Suarez.

Mohammad Salah, Feriminor did not stay in that fairytale. The two were out of the injury.

The goal of at least four goals inevitable, where is it to do with Sadio alone? But Reds appeared as a savior; His seven-minute goal sparked Liverpool.

Not to be extraordinary, not to be defensive, nor to attack the Spanish giant Confidence has happened yesterday. During the interregnum, Barcelona gave Winaleam a fad, and he can say. However, he got his work done. In the 11th minute instead of Robertson, Winnacle shook Barber's post.

The match between Dutch Midders is equal to Liverpool. Barcelona still thinks it's a goal. But to find Messi-Suarez, liability

That goal is of course. But did Arigi Liverpool got the corner. Barca did not get ready then. The referee's flute, Arnold, took the opportunity to get rid of the corner, and made the work of Orgy. Bresa got 16 minutes to finish with the stoppage time. The goal could have taken the advantage of the Away goal, if the goal was to go to the final. Then the history was not written in favor of Liverpool. Barca in the six-match knockout match at the Avenue And open the dream of Liverpool championship. They were beaten by Real Madrid last time in the final.

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