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Lionel Messi equals Cristiano Ronaldo | Messi equalized Ronaldo, scoring more than 50 goals for the sixth time in the season

Lionel Messi is the only footballer to win the European Golden Shoe 6 times
Cristiano Ronaldo of Yuventres made his name four times as Golden Shoe.

Sports desk Barcelona's star footballer Lionel Messi scored a total of 51 goals this season. They did all the rounds for their club, Barcelona. Messi played just one match for Argentina, but could not score a goal. At the same time, 49 matches played for Barcelona. Messi scored 50 or more goals for the sixth time in one season. In this case, he equals Cristiano Ronaldo of Yuventus. To make the most goals in the season, Messi was given the European Golden Shoe. He made his name the sixth Golden Shoe. Ronaldo (4) is second in this case.

Messi gets Pichichi Award for the sixth time

Messi scored 36 goals in this season of La Liga. In this case they are far ahead of Louise Suarez and Kareem Benjamin 21-21 goals. He was awarded the Pichichi Award for most goals in the season. Messi made this award for the sixth time in his name. In this case, they equalize the telmo zara. Messi scored three hat-tricks in this season. Six goals were scored by direct free kick.

In the European league, in the case of having top scorer in more than one season, the Gert Muner is at the forefront. He was the top scorer of Season 7 in Bundesliga, Germany. At the same time, Jimmy Greaves was the highest goal scorer in the Premier League of England for six. Gunner Nordal 5 times in Serie A of Italy, Carlos Bianchi, Jean Pierre Pappin and Dellio Onis are five-five times top scorers in the League 1 in France.

When Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid in Spain, he and Messi were always La Liga's Top-2 scorers. Messi has scored 12 goals in the Champions League this time. Ronaldo is not the top scorer for the Champions League for the first time since the 2011-12 season. He scored just six goals this season.

Messi scored this goal with an average of 1.02 per match this season. The best season of his career was 2011-12. Then he scored a total of 73 goals. In 2010-11, 53 had scored 54 goals in 2012-13, 58 in 60 years, and 58 in 2016-17. Ronaldo performed best in the 2014-15 season. Then he scored 61 goals.

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