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Like to take the challenge, not pressure: Sabbir

Sabbir Rahman came back to the national team, dramatically. Discussion and criticism have also been many. Even though captain Mashrafe Bin Mortaza had put his confidence in him. The confidence that has been paid by the Century on the returning stage. The door opened in the World Cup. He left the country on Wednesday to play his second World Cup. Before going into an exclusive interview with NTV Online, he said about his World Cup plan. In his face, the pressure of playing in the armpit was fulfilled. Himu Akhter was in conversation.

How are you going to play your second World Cup?

Sabbir: Certainly a great feeling of playing at the big stage like the World Cup. And it seems that the country has got the opportunity to play the World Cup for the second time. In addition to the 2015 World Cup, the Champions Trophy and Under-19 World Cup have been played. So it can be said that this is my third World Cup. So I am very pleased that I have got so much time to play in the World Cup.

When he first played in the World Cup, he was young. Now it turns out quite. Experienced than before. What is the pressure of responsibility?

Sabbir: The 2015 World Cup that was very emotional was very emotional. Then I was totally new. Many thrillers did the job. I did not understand much about the responsibility. But now the matter is another. This World Cup is different from the previous World Cup. Besides, there is now a difference between the present Sabbir and Sabbir. I was more young then. Still young, but the feelings are different. Now it has become a bit. Learned a lot. So, we will definitely try to play better in this World Cup. Taking responsibility very well, not as pressure.

How appropriate is this room to prove yourself?

Sabbir: Of course this is the World Cup stage. In such a big tournament everyone wants to do something good. I also want to do something good. I played fairly well in the last World Cup. Although the first two matches have gone bad. Still, my first FIFT in Melbourne was the debut of Fifty. This is a very good memorial in the World Cup. The World Cup will be held in England. I know about weather and conditions. Earlier, we played the Champions Trophy in England. This World Cup must be the best player for me to identify myself. And I will also try to show myself with the best. I will try as much as possible to play my role in winning the team.

Bangladesh team is very experienced in this World Cup, do you think?

Sabbir: Of course, our team's senior players are very experienced. Apart from that we are young people who have played very big tournaments. Many people are playing the first World Cup. I think this World Cup is a tournament. And here every team will play. We can help young people to help senior five. Hope everyone will be able to do their best if they all get the best.

What will be your advice to newcomers?

Sabbir: When I was new to the World Cup in 2015, my role was free-to-play. Now, those who go to the new World Cup will be requested, they should also play pressure-free cricket. And whenever Bangladesh cricketers play pressure-free cricket, Bangladesh team plays very well.

Do you remember any memory of your first World Cup?

Sabbir: I remember two memories of the first World Cup. One of my first World Cups in Melbourne, I did fifteen. Although the match was lost. And the next we lost to England, we played quarter-finals. These two memories will especially remember.

England play in the field. There will be quite a high schooling match. You will have a big responsibility. How much are you prepared for yourself?

Sabbir: The challenge is actually bigger. I like to take the challenge very much. But not to take pressure. Since I'm batting at number seven. The match has to come to an end. Therefore, we have to take responsibility for the quick run. We played two two and a half months of Premier League. Practiced aladdin I did a different job. Have made mental preparations. I will try to do the roll that I would give in the Bangladesh team of Insha Allah.

How does Ireland tour work to prepare for the World Cup?

Sabbir: The England-Ireland weather and conditions are almost the same. Although the wicket is slightly different. But this tour will be very good for us. You can say it is very good preparation. May be green in the ground in Ireland. Which may not be in the World Cup. But they have more grounds which will be a batting helpful wicket. And if we can adapt to that wicket we hope it will be very good to play our World Cup.

Do you have any advice from the captain?

Sabbir: The brother told me only one thing. Where to get you, we can be happy if you can do the roll that is given to you. I've worked for the last two months. Stake has been working on rotating and making big scores and how to do finishing. If I can do it well, I think they will be happy too.

Not to be drawn in the nine matches. How difficult is the continuity of holding?

Sabbir: It's tough to play nine matches in a row. But if you think of match-by-match then it would be very easy. If we can not think long enough to think seriously then we will do very well. If we can practice every day we can improve. Hopefully we can do insha Allah.

We have a lot of mental weaknesses on the final stage, do you think the team of Bangladesh has the ability to win the World Cup?

Sabbir: We played quarter-finals in the last World Cup. Then played the semifinal in the Champions Trophy. Several times played the Asia Cup final. So I think the World Cup is not far away from us. There is a hand at hand. But we have to do much more trouble. Minor mistakes should be played correctly. I do not think it would be impossible to win the World Cup if I play mentally tough.

Speaking of mentality, how mentally prepared yourself?

Sabbir: Now it is more difficult in the psychological direction than before. There is nowhere to keep Momentum retention power. Apart from that we played many final matches. Since the big tournament, there is nothing to say about small or big teams. If we play with the highest number of 11 here, then we will win.

Any targets on your personal?

Sabbir: It's never really that I fixed the target. I have never been successful in thinking beforehand. So I got up in the morning to plan what I plan to do, fill it in the afternoon. And if you play matches in the tournament then something good will happen. Be able to hold yourself. If one match is bad, then I can cover it with another match.

Is there a different design in the dressing room?

Sabbir: There is no discussion at all. We always believe that we will do something good. If we can all play together team then it is not impossible to do well. First of all we need to play as a team.

Coach separate advice?

Sabbir: There is a plan in front of all of us, it is a good cricket game. Our big theme is that we want to win the World Cup. We're practicing right now. We have worked very hard in so many roses. I want to go ahead with the goal of winning the World Cup. The coach's advice is the same. He wants us to win the World Cup, our mentality is made in us.

Do you have to say something to the fans?

Sabbir: You will support us as you always supported us. Hopefully insha Allah, we will win the World Cup one day. We give our best to pay your trust. You will be next to us. May pray, this group can fulfill your dreams. Your support is most important to us.

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