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Karim Benezema's goal helps Real Madrid vs Leganes | Legens stopped Real on draw, got points for Real for the first time

Real Madrid were 0-1 behind half time, Benjamin scored in the 51st minute
Benzema has scored 18 goals in La Liga, the overall is at number three

Madrid. Spanish club Rial Madrid beat Lagunes 1-1 in a match against La Liga. Legens got a point against Real for the first time in the history of the tournament. He was defeated in all the matches played before. Real team was behind 0-1 at half time. In the 51st minute, Karim Benzema scored the goal to score a score of 1-1.

Riyal's team could not perform well this season. The team has 61 points in 32 matches. The team is at number three in the table. The Barcelona team is at top with 74 points in La Liga. At the same time, Arsenal beat Watford 1-0 in their 33rd match of EPL This is the 20th victory of the team. Team has reached number four in the table.

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