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Juventus at the end of Ronaldo's hat-trick

They lost by 2-0 goals in the first leg of the field. On the return of the UEFA Champions League, at the home ground, Ronaldo Juventus was shown in the form of another against Atletico Madrid. CR Seven was brilliantly excited in the Eurasia era in Turin. Portuguese Superstar hat-trick jumped into the final round of the Champions League.

Atlético's defense was one of the best in Europe, for Juventus it was a big reason to think. But the other way he did this on the Champions League stage, he once again proved that he From the beginning of the match, Juventus was ahead in the fight over the possession of the ball. Keelinina went ahead in the 5 minutes and they went ahead. However, with the help of referee video replay, he canceled the goal.

Juventus did not take much time to advance, but Ronaldo scored ahead in the 27th minute. Ronaldo doubled the margin for Juventus at the start of the second half. The two leggie scoreline is 2-2. In the 86th minute, he felicitated the team by winning the hat-trick in the penalty shootout. Ronaldo's team went on to win the two-leg match 3-2 in the final round of the Champions League.

Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in the Champions League knockout stage as a third player in Juventus' Zaros after Inzeagy and Alejandro del Piero in Philippi. Ronaldo scored four goals in this tournament. And his total goal in Europe is 124.

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