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It is thought that the Bangladesh team was not a security guard!

March 15, 2015, 13:06 | Update: 15 March, 2015, 18:33
Cricketer of the team of Bangladesh has survived a little bit of a deadly attack on Christchurch in New Zealand today. After the practice at the Hagley Oval field, the cricketers went to the Zoo in the adjacent Al Nur Mosque for half-an-hour at local time. In the mosque, a gunman was shooting fiercely. At the moment of entry into the mosque, a team of pedestrians warned that the team of Bangladesh team ran into Team Bus. Then came back with life and took a safe shelter inside the stadium. During this time a security worker was not present at the venue with the Bangladesh team!

The survivors of the attack are now staying at the hotel. There have been reports of the death of 49 people, including two Bangladeshis, in the deadly attack. However, the issue of not being a security guard with the Bangladesh team was astonishing. At the team bus, the security guard was away while the cricketers were going to the mosque, even the local liaison officer was not there.

Generally, there is a tradition of giving maximum security to the host country when a visitor visits a guest. 'VIP' level security is ensured for players from foreign countries who are also in Bangladesh. There are no surprises as there are no security personnel with Bangladesh cricket team going to New Zealand. The absence of security personnel is rare when traveling from the hotel to field, practice and other activities. The ability to organize a tour of the host country without even being a liaison officer has raised the question.

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