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IPLA threat of militant attacks!

A news about terrorism spreading through Indian media and social network spreading on Friday. The news of the Indian Premier League (IPL) match could be a militant attack at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. The scary news that created panic became a panic in everyone's mind. But today, Mumbai Police has rejected the possibility of such a situation.

Mumbai Indians will face Rajasthan Royals this afternoon at the Wankhede Stadium. But after the news of the match in the day before the match, with the spectators who cut the ticket, everyone was unaware of the danger. But today, the news of the rumor of Mumbai police just blown out of Mumbai police.

The Mumbai Police gave a statement today by deputy commissioner Manjunath Sheng. The statement said that the news of the attack was baseless in the statement. Rather, it is said to be such a conspiracy to prevent such news from appearing in the field to watch the IPL matches.

The Mumbai Police statement said, "A news report has emerged from the Wankhede stadium yesterday. There is no basis for such news or we have no such intelligence report. We always try to protect Mumbai from the police. We want to tell everyone from the alert situation, do not listen to any false news or rumors. '

Before the match in Mumbai on Saturday, news that a live-car bomber carrying international stars could be carried out. But after the statement from the Mumbai Police, a kind of relief will come back to the audience.

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