IPL 2019 Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting will work together for Delhi Capitals | Ganguly and Ponting; Born in a prosperous family, the parents of the other were also - Online Betting Guides
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IPL 2019 Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting will work together for Delhi Capitals | Ganguly and Ponting; Born in a prosperous family, the parents of the other were also

Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting will work together for Delhi Capitals
Ganguly debuted in Tests in 1996, Ponting played his first Test in 1995.

Sports desk Sourav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting, both great cricketers of the world, have always been a staunch opponent. Now Sourav has been appointed consultant to Delhi Capitals in IPL Coach will work with Ricky Ponting in this new role. Ganguly is the greatest captain of Indian cricket in an all-round form. With his batting and bowling as well as the efficient cricket strategy, he brought the team India to new heights.

Early life of Ganguly
Ganguly's full name is Sourav Chandidas Ganguly. Sourav was born in an elite Bengali family of Kolkata. His father Chandidas Ganguly was counted among the rich people of Kolkata. Sourav's lifestyle was such that people called him in the name of 'Maharaja'.

Ganguly scored two centuries on his tour of England in 1996
Sourav came to the headlines at that time when he was on an India-England tour in 1996. During this time, he scored two centuries in two consecutive matches including his first match. In the 1999 World Cup match, he scored 183 against Sri Lanka in Tottenham. This is the highest score made by an Indian cricketer in the World Cup match. After a series of poor performances, he was dropped from the national team in October 2005, but he returned to the Test against South Africa in November 2006. In January 2007, again came into the ODI team.

Ganguly's wife Donna Odissi is dancer
He married Donna Ganguly in 1997, which is the Odissi dancer. The daughter's name is Sanaa, who was born in 2001. After being dropped from Team India in 1992, Ganguly had taken the personal bowling machine at his home for the practice.

Factus related to Ganguly

In 2004, he was awarded the Padma Shri award of the Government of India.
Captain in 49 Tests, he won 21 matches.
Ganguly scored 22 centuries in ODIs. Of these, 18 are placed abroad.
He scored 70212 runs in 113 Tests. In ODIs, he scored 11363 runs in 311 matches.

Ponting was named after Steve Waugh
Ricky Ponting is not only a good batsman but also a skilled captain. Ricky's success in successfully pursuing the legacy of successful captains such as Allan Border, Steve Waugh

Ponting's parents were also players
Ponting was born on 19 December 1974 in Tasmania. Ricky's father was a club cricketer. At the same time, his mother was a sportsman named Lauren Vigoro. This is a game played by women, which is a mixed form of tennis and cricket. Due to being a parent's player, Ricky's awareness of the game also woke up since childhood.

Ponting played most matches for Australia
Ricky Ponting has won the most Test and one-day matches for the Australian cricket team while captaining the team. Ponting himself also became a world-class batsman He has played the most matches for Australia In 168 Tests, he scored 13,378 runs at an average of 51.85 with 41 centuries and 62 half centuries. He scored 13704 runs in 375 ODIs. 30 centuries and 82 half-centuries.

Ponting married in 2002
Ponting was married to Long Time Girlfriend Ryan Jennifer in June, 2002. They have two daughters and one son. He was an aggressive player in nature. Sledding was also used. After a run out in a World Cup match, he broke the LCD TV in the team's dressing room.

Ponting Factus

Ponting scored 13366 runs in 167 Tests. In the highest run in the Test, the second place.
His highest score in ODIs is 164 runs. He made against South Africa in 2006.
Ponting made the first century in international cricket against England in 1997.
He scored three centuries in both innings of a test. The third player to do this.
Ponting has recorded the world record of captaincy in the ODIs since 1995.

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