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IPL 2019 Analysis of player and team age | Chennai youth team with young age of 30 years of age; Tahir's age is highest

The average age of Delhi team is 25.89 years, 4.13 years from Chennai
Rajasthan's effort Roy Burman is the youngest player, aged 16 years and 26 days

    Dainik BhaskarMar 22, 2019, 07:36 AM
Sports desk In the beginning of the 12th season of IPL, there is only one day left. On Saturday, the first match between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore will be played. In this T20 league, players from the age of 17 to 39 will participate. Chennai's team is the oldest in this format of cricket called the game of youth. Its average age is 30.02 years. Chennai was at the top in this case. Mahendra Singh Dhoni's team was called 'Daddy Army'. Despite this, he became the champion. This year Delhi Capitals are the youngest team. His average age is 25.89 years.

Sunrise's Second Age Team

Chennai's only team, whose average age is 30+ years

Tahir is the youngest player in the effort, most young players

Top three young players in Bangalore get three players

Dhoni's youngest captain, Shreyas most young

Six captains over 30 years

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