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Indian Premier League: Virat Kohli fined Rs 12 lakh for slow over-rate against KXIP in Mohali | Virat Kohli fined Rs 12 lakh due to slow over-rate

On Saturday night, Bengaluru beat Punjab by 8 wickets in Mohali
Virat third captain who fined, Rohit and Rahane have also been fined 12-12 lakhs

Mohali. Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has been fined Rs. 12 lakhs due to slow over-rate during the match against Kings XI Punjab in the 12th season of IPL. According to the release issued by the IPL, "Since his team has violated the rule of the slow over-rate for the first time under the IPL Code of Conduct, it has imposed a penalty of Rs 12 lakh on Kohli."

In this IPL season, Kohli is the third captain who has been penalized for slow over-rate. Before that, Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma and Rajasthan Royals captain Ajinkya Rahane have fined 12-12 lakhs for violating the rule of slow over-rate.

The possibility of a match ban on the wrongdoing again

Bengaluru defeated Kings XI Punjab by 8 wickets in Mohali on Saturday night. He has won this series after losing 6 consecutive matches. According to the statement of the IPL, if Virat maintains a slow over-rate in the forthcoming matches, the amount of the penalty can also increase as a match ban is imposed on them.

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