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India vs New Zealand T20 Series: 2nd Match, Live, News And Updates | India defeated New Zealand by 7 wickets, equaled 1-1 in the series; View scorecard

Rohit has also recorded the record of putting 304 boundaries
The third and last T-20 series of the series will be played at Hamilton from 12:30 pm Indian time
New Zealand made 158 runs in 8 wickets in 20 overs in the second T20, India scored 162 runs in 3 overs in 19.5 overs


Auckland India defeated New Zealand by seven wickets in the second T20 of the three match series. Along with that, he equaled 1-1 in the series. New Zealand won the first match of the series by 80 runs. India has defeated New Zealand on its home ground in international Twenty20 cricket for the first time. In this match, New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat. New Zealand scored 158 for 8 in 20 overs. The Indian team, following the target, made the match in the balance while remaining seven balls. He scored 162 runs in three wickets. Kundal Pandya was chosen as Man of the Match.

Rohit 100+ six-wicket haul

On behalf of India, Rohit Sharma scored the highest 50 runs. He made 3 fours and 4 sixes in his 29-ball innings. He became the top scorer of international T20 cricket. They are now 2288 runs. Before that, this record was the name of Martin Guptill. Guptill has scored 2272 runs in 76 T20s. Right there, Rohit crossed the figure in the 92nd T20.

Indian captain left behind Guptill
Rohit is also the third batsman in the world to score more than 100 sixes in T20. In his international Twenty20 cricket, now 102 have been sixes. Prior to this match, he made 98 sixes in 91 T20s. In this case West Indian Chris Gayle and New Zealand's Martin Guptill are jointly top of the order. Gayle 56 and Guptill have played 103-103 sixes in the 76 T20 matches. Rohit has also become the highest bidder in international T20 cricket. They have so far scored 204 boundaries and 102 sixes. Prior to them, this was the name of Guptil. Guptill has 200 rounds and 103 sixes.

Rohit equals Virat
In the captaincy of Rohit, India has played 14 T20s so far. Of these, Team India has managed to win 12, while in two it has lost defeat. Along with defeating New Zealand in this match, Rohit also made many personal achievements in his name. He equals record of winning captain Virat Kohli's 12 T-20 matches as captain. Virat has so far taken over the command of Team India in 20 T20s. Out of these, seven were lost and one was missing. Team India has won 41 T20s in the captaincy of Dhoni.

Indian team wins such fall

First wicket (9.2 overs): Rohit Sharma wanted to bridge the short-length ball of Ish Sodhi, but the ball did not come fully on his bat. Tim Southee, standing at midwicket, did not make any mistake in catching his catch. India's score at this time was 79 runs.
Second wicket (10.5 overs): Lucky Ferguson shot a bouncer to Shikhar Dhawan at a speed of 143 Dhawan tried to hit it in the leg side, but the ball hit the ball with the upper edge of the bat. Colling D. Grandhom standing there caught the catch. At this time India had added 88 runs to their account.
Third wicket (13.4 overs): Daryl Mitchell hit Vijay short of short ball in the off-side, standing at the strikers. Shankar hit it. However, they failed to deliver the ball to the boundary and stand on the midwicket and took the catch. India's score was 118 runs at this time.

Grandhom was New Zealand's top scorer

For New Zealand, Colin de Grandham made the highest score of 50 runs. Grandhom hit a four and four sixes in his 28-ball knock. Apart from Grandhom, Ross Taylor played 42 off 36 balls. Captain Kane Williamson scored 20, while Colin Munro and Tim Ciftart scored 12-12. New Zealand's four batsmen could not reach the 10th point.

After poor start, New Zealand scored 150+

The start of New Zealand has deteriorated. He only lost the first wicket at the score of 15 runs. Not only this, his captain Kane Williamson also returned to the pavilion after being dismissed as the fourth batsman on the total of 50 runs. After this Colin D. Grandhouse and Ross Taylor handled the innings. Both of them added 77 runs in 47 balls for the 5th wicket. In this partnership, Grandhom made 50 off 28 balls and Taylor scored 22 runs off 19 balls. At one time it seemed that New Zealand would score more than 170, but after the dismissal of Grandhom, he could score 31 runs off 26 balls and lost three wickets.

Fall of New Zealand wickets like this

First wicket (2.3 overs): Bhuvneshwar Kumar thought that Tim Seyftt had to pull the ball first. However, the Indian bowler threw the ball exactly at the stump and tossed it. Seafert had no choice but to strike a bat on the ball. Taking the outer edge of the ball Sifert's bat, Mahendra Singh Dhoni got into the hands of the wicket. Only 15 runs were involved in New Zealand's account.
Second wicket (5.2 overs): This ball of the Kunal Pandya was played directly by Opener Colin Munro in the cover. However, he could not give the ball the right height and Rohit Sharma did not make any mistake in catching his catch. This time the team's score was 41 runs.
Third wicket (5.6 overs): On the ball of the imperial, the umpire called Daryl Mitchell LBW. However, Mitchell was not satisfied with this decision and he reviewed. However, the decision of the field umpire in the DRS also proved true and Mitchell had to return to the pavilion. He was able to add only one run in his account, while the team's score was 43.
Fourth wicket (7.5 overs): In the team's account, seven runs were added and that captain Kane Williamson was dismissed by 20 runs. His wicket was also taken by the kunalal. Kane Williamson picked up the ball to pull the ball to Kunalal, but he missed it and the ball hit his right thigh. The umpires gave them LBW out.
Fifth wicket (15.4 overs): This ball of Hardik Pandya was played by Colin de Grandhom towards the extra cover, but the ball did not come completely on his bat and Rohit Sharma, who took charge of Team India, did not make any mistake in catching his catch Of However, before joining with Ross Taylor, he added 77 runs for 47 balls.
Sixth wicket (18.6 overs): Bhuvneshwar's ball played towards Long on and ran for the run. They also tried to take the second run, but Thakro of Vijay Shankar was on the straight stumps. Taylor returned to the pavilion before giving the umpire out. This time the team's score was 153.
Seventh wicket (over 19.2 overs): Khulle on the first ball of this over, Scott Kugeligan missed the long-on. Mitchell Santnar was on strike on the second ball. Khalil's ball did not get a chance until Santnar could shake up and the wicket caps shattered. This time the team's score was 154 runs.
Eighth wicket (19.6 overs): Tim was on the strike for the last ball of the innings. Saudi looked to try to drag it, but they missed them and the ball hit the leg stumps. Saadi was able to add three runs in his account, while the team's score was 158.

The two teams are as follows:
India: Rohit Sharma (captain), Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicketkeeper), Shikhar Dhawan, Vijay Shankar, Rishabh Pant, Dinesh Karthik, Hardik Pandya, Yuswendra Chahal, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Kunal Pandya, K. Khalil Ahmad

New Zealand: Ken Williamson (captain), Colin Munro, Ross Taylor, Tip Sifert (wicketkeeper), Colin D. Grandhomme, Mitchell Santnor, Scott Kugelgin, Daryl Mitchell, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Lucky Ferguson.

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