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'India-Pakistan final in World Cup'

Only 66 days. The World Cup will be the world's most respected one-day tournament in England. There is a discussion between the teams of the World Cup and their prospects. Different cricket experts and former stars are presenting their views around the World Cup. The West Indian legend, Brian Lara, who was named 'Cricket'

Recently, Brian Lara attended a Global Education and Skills Forum conference in Dubai. Lara said his opinion about the next World Cup. According to him, India's name in the World Cup is the name of the favorites. Lara said, "India has the ability to play better now on any edge of the world. So, Team India favorites for me in the upcoming World Cup. But India-Pakistan final is not bad. It was just like a Champions Trophy a couple of years ago. "According to him, if India-Pakistan final, it would be the most exciting match.

The weather in England is such a big impact in the forthcoming World Cup matches, according to the Caribbean legend. England, one of the favorites to play in their own country, thinks that the cricketer who has multiple world records

Lara said, "Whenever Pakistan won the Champions Trophy, I am not surprised at the prospects of the World Cup. Because I know, there are players to do well in their team. But their team is very epiotic. A lot like the West Indies. But they can lose any team in the world. "

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