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In the semi-finals, the women of Bangladesh dream

India's four-time champions in Clear Women's Football Championship It was already known that the semifinal match against the mighty India would be difficult to know from Bangladesh Shibir. Bangladesh girls have lost 4-0 to Bangladesh in the Shaheed Maidan stadium in Nepal's Rangshala Stadium.

Indian team went ahead 3-0 in the first half of the match. The girls fought in the same way at the beginning but after a few minutes to fifteen, Indians go ahead in the match by forgetting the defense of Bangladesh In the 18th minute, Dhamma Chirab scored a duck in the D-box with the ball from the corner and gave India a 1-0 lead. The girls got the opportunity to pay the goal after three minutes, coach Golam Rabbani's girls But Ankhi Khatun and Yasmin Akhtar, who stood in the gap, failed to send ball to Ballar twice.

After a minute, India's girls scored again. In the extended pass of the teammate, Indumati scored a fine goal in the finishing line to give the team 2-0 goals. Indian team went ahead by 3-0 goals in the 37th minute. Counter-attack rapidly topped the score and scored a personal second and third goal of the team, Indumati.

Bangladesh girls start playing in the first half of the second half by chasing India Sabina-Swapnara to attack one after another. A few changes were made by the replacement player Naaman Coach Golam Rabbani. But due to the weakness of finishing, go ahead in front of Goalbar and face all the attack.

During the rest of the match, the two teams played some random football games. In the second half, Manisha scored the goal to make India a 4-0 goal victory. In the 93 minutes of the match, the ball got stuck in the D-box of Bangladesh, Manisha got the ball. If the defenders failed to clear the ball properly, the Indian women's team scored for this forward.

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