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In the first season, Ronaldo made a comeback

At the end of the World Cup in Russia, Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid, it was not like anyone imagined. But Ronaldo, who scored an unprecedented record of winning three consecutive Champions League titles for Real, but soon after going to Italy after the World Cup, Italian champion Juventus joined The Portuguese star has achieved success for the first season of Juventus. Juventus, however, won the Serie-A title right after losing out on the Champions League in an unexpected defeat to Ayax. Ronaldo was the main masterpiece of the team's success with 22 goals. The Portuguese star has received the award of the great form. Siri has been selected for the year's Player of the Year.

Ronaldo could not play a few matches due to injury due to injury this season. However, the matches which played in those matches have shown their flashes. The Portuguese star, who scored 22 goals in his own right, was also the ball supplier to teammates 11 goals. Ronaldo was the favorite to win the Player of the Year award On Saturday, Ronaldo announced the name of 'Most Valuable Player' in this season, confirming that the Syriac authorities

Ronaldo has given Juventus coach Allegi a large part of the Serie A player's prize winner's first season to play. The Portuguese star thanked coach Alllegy for giving a pragmatic response to the award, "It's a great pride for me to work with you. Thank you for all your achievements in the season.

In the next season, Juventus will not be seen as coach in the next season, Massimiliano Allegie will not be seen again. Even though there is no confirmation yet, the names of Bayern Munich, Chelsea or French Giant PSG are called as possible addresses of Allegree next season. In the bidialeale Italian coach as well as a good coach as well as the man of the beautiful mind, Ronaldo said. Allegree said, "We played just one season together. But in this season I understood how wonderful you are as a man and a coach.

In the current season, Italy's best goalkeeper has been selected by Slovakian goalkeeper Samir Hondanovi of Inter Milan. Napoli's Senegalese defender, Kalidu Colibali, has been the best defender. The best midfielder has been won by Sergio Milinkovic-Savic, the Serbian midfielder of Latsior. And the best striker for the best form of the season has been selected as the best striker, Fabio Quaggiarello of Sampadoria has been selected. Romana Italian midfielder Nicolò Nankole has been selected as the best emerging player.

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