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Iftar of Muslim footballer at the playground

On Wednesday night, in the Champions League semi-finals, the English club Tottenham Hotspur and Dutch team Ayax. Tottenham, who lost the first leg, went on to win the Champions League final for the first time in his football history by winning the incredible 3-2 win. However, these figures are now at the center of the discussion, the Ayax's two Muslim footballers.

Ramadan is the holiest month of Muslims. Ramadan fasting, against the Tottenham, Ayax's two Muslim Hakim Ziyar and Nusair Majroi were fielded in the field. During the first half of the match, if the time of iftar is done, then the two Muslim players in the sidelines go to the saddle after iftar. In the meantime, due to social networking, Viral has been fasting and fasting to play and to break if it happens.

The 25-minute half-time of the match against Tottenham goes down in the fast bowlers. Despite the great tension and the excitement of the semi-finals, despite all the knowledge, the judges decided to play fast on the basis of Ayaka's Hakim and Nusair. The two Muslim footballers who came to play in the same way. Go to the sideline in the 24-minute match iftar to the match. Iftar quickly cleared with dates Then iftari

The English league's powerful team Tottenham There is a lot of need to fight against fasting soccer teams at the same level. In addition to the semi-finals of the Champions League, the heat of the semifinals. Naturally football fans can raise questions in their minds, fasting, it is possible to do good performances against such a big team in such a match. The answer is given by Ayax's two Muslim footballers in the field. 11 minutes after the Iftar, Hakim Ziech scored the second goal against Tottenham. Fan D. Baker scored the ball from the pass and scored a goal of the ball to give Ayaks 2-0 goals.

Another Muslim footballer, Nasir, also worked hard at the field. Due to fasting, no relaxation was noticed in their performance. But they have to leave the field after being disappointed. In the second half, Lukas Moura hat-trick won the hat-trick with a 3-2 win over Tottenham.

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