ICC World Cup: ms dhoni incomparable in DRS & Field setting, play big role for Virat kohli | Dhoni specializes in DRS and field setting, Virat can play big role - Online Betting Guides
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ICC World Cup: ms dhoni incomparable in DRS & Field setting, play big role for Virat kohli | Dhoni specializes in DRS and field setting, Virat can play big role

Before leaving for England, Ravi Shastri said – Dhoni's ability to change the result by reducing the opportunities
In the captaincy of Dhoni, the Indian team won the T20, ODI World Cup and Champions Trophy.

Sports desk Team India has left for England for the ODI World Cup. Before leaving, Captain Virat Kohli expressed his hope for a better performance in the World Cup. At the same time, Chief coach Ravi Shastri termed Mahendra Singh Dhoni's role as important. In his captaincy, Dhoni has also won the Champions Trophy along with the T20 and ODI World Cup. Although the command of Team India in this World Cup may not be in his hand, but his advice could prove to be very helpful for the team to win the World Cup in the captaincy of Virat.

Many former cricketers, including Sunil Gavaskar, Australia's former all-rounder Andy Bikel, have also said that Dhoni's experience will be extremely useful to Virat. Bickell was part of Australia's 2003 World Cup winning team Take a look at the points where Dhoni's experience can come in the work of Virat.

DRS: The decision to take the DRS is important, because if it goes in your favor you can use it again. Otherwise, with the result being reversed, you lose the opportunity to take it again. Dhoni is considered as an expert on taking DRS. Some cricket experts have even put the DRS in place of the Disson Review system instead of the DC review system. In this case, Dhoni can help Virat in the bigger role in taking the DRS.

Field settings: Dhoni's field combines very well. Talking to the bowlers, they tell me how and where to throw the ball? Recently it was also seen in many IPL matches. From the back of the wicket, they used to tell the bowler how the bat would play. What are the deficiencies of the batsman, which area is his weakest link. After analyzing it, they apply fielding. Virat can take help in this work too.

Pressure situation: Dhoni is also known as 'Captain Cool'. His cool temperament is very useful in taking right decisions in the pressure situation. Dhoni's decision to make 50th over of Vijay Shankar in the second match of the one-day series against Australia this year was also decided by Dhoni. In that match in the last over, Australia had to score 10 runs to win and two wickets were left to fall. On the crease were Marx Stones and Nathan Lynn. Stonyce had hit half-century. In such a situation, Dhoni advised Virat to take the last over from Shankar. Before throwing the last over, Shankar had scored 13 runs in an over. Shankar made Stoney's LBW on the first ball of the last over. Adam Jampa scored two runs on his second ball. On the third ball Shankar bowled Jampa to India and won the match. It was not the first time that Dhoni had won the victory by the opposition team. Before leaving for England, Virat also said that it would be more important to withstand the pressure of the World Cup. In such a situation, Dhoni can play a big role for Virat.

Finisher: Dhoni is considered a finisher. He has played 341 ODIs so far Of these, he has not played in 82 matches. Out of these 82 Team India has managed to win 67 ODIs. It means that in the absence of their knockout, the Indian team has lost only 15 ODIs, in the rest of the team they have returned to the pavilion only. Dhoni also aims to score runs with lower-order batsmen. During IPL, he made 28 runs in an over in an over. His reputation can prove to be crucial in winning the team India during the crisis.

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