ICC World Cup 2019: World Cup Prize money Rs 70 crore, Rs 15 crore more than IPL; Winners to Pocket Rs 28 crore World Cup prize money Rs 70 crore, 15 million more than IPL; The champion is worth Rs 28 crore Will meet - Online Betting Guides
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ICC World Cup 2019: World Cup Prize money Rs 70 crore, Rs 15 crore more than IPL; Winners to Pocket Rs 28 crore World Cup prize money Rs 70 crore, 15 million more than IPL; The champion is worth Rs 28 crore Will meet

Tournament to be played in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14
The Indian team will leave for England on May 22, with the first match on June 5 from South Africa

Sports desk There is now less than 15 days left for the start of the one-day World Cup in England and Wales. In this case, discussions have started about who are claiming to be champions. Why not, after all, the team that will be the World Champion will receive a trophy of gold and silver, along with a trophy of $ 4 million (about 28 crore rupees) prize money.

The total prize money of the World Cup is $ 10 million (about Rs 70 crore). This is more than Rs 15 crore more than the prize money of the recently concluded Indian Premier League. The total prize money of IPL is Rs 55 crores. His winner, Mumbai Indians, received a sum of Rs 20 crores as prize money.

How many prize money

World champion
$ 4 million (Rs 28 crore)

Runner up
$ 2 million (Rs 14 crore)

Both semi-finals defeating teams
8-8 million dollars (Rs 5.6 crore)

Every team that wins the match in the league stage
40-40 thousand dollars (28 lakh rupees)

To every knockout team
1-1 million dollars (Rs. 70 lakhs)

Total Prize Money
One million dollars (70 million rupees)

* In the league stage, total 45 matches will be played. 6 teams arrive in knockout

World Cup champions will get less than Rs 122 crore less than Champions League
The Champions League is the world's largest football league. 150 crore rupees will be given to his winner team as a reward. 139 crores for the NBA championship in the US Basketball Tournament. Compared to both of these, one-day World Cup champions get very little money.

Weighing 11 kg is World Cup Trophy

The World Cup trophy is weighing 11 kilograms. It is made of gold and silver. Its height is 60 centimeters. It takes about 2 months to make it. There is a globe that is made of gold. This globe hinges with the support of three curved columns. These 3 columns are shaped like stumps and bails. This trophy was first made in 1999. The actual copy of this trophy holds by the ICC, while the Replica Winner is given to the team.

World Cup in England for the fifth time

The World Cup will last from May 30 to July 14. In this 10 teams will participate. They will play against each other in single-league format. Teams in top-4 will arrive in the semi-finals. The semi-finals will be played at Old Trafford, Manchester and Birmingham, Augsburg, on July 9 and 11 respectively. The final of the 46-day tournament will be played at Lord's on July 14. Earlier in England and Wales, the World Cup has also been done in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999.

Australia is the 5-time champion

Australia's team has been the world champion 5 times. He won the title in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015. The West Indies team was successful in becoming the first two World Cup champions in 1975 and 1979. The Indian team has also been twice world champion in 1983 and 2011. Apart from this, Pakistan has been a World Champion in 1992 and Sri Lanka 1996.

150 million people will be able to see World Cup live matches

Star Sports and the International Cricket Council (ICC) estimates that more than 150 million people will see the World Cup matches live this time. Those who have seen live matches are included in the category of viewers who are watching live at least 30 over. At the same time, England Cricket estimates that 34% of new audiences can join cricket with this World Cup.

Broadcast matches will be played by Star Sports in Indo-Pak

The World Cup matches will be broadcast on the Star Sports Network in the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal etc.). Star Sports, owned by 21 Century Fox, is a distributor of distribution in other parts of the world. In the Middle East and North Africa, the responsibility of broadcasting World Cup matches is with OSN, ESPN in Caribbean Island and Ten Sports in Pakistan.

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