ICC Cricket World Cup History from first tournament India win world cup | Women's World Cup was started before men, the first three tournaments were named after Prudential Cup - Online Betting Guides
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ICC Cricket World Cup History from first tournament India win world cup | Women's World Cup was started before men, the first three tournaments were named after Prudential Cup

2019 World Cup fifth tournament hosted in England, he could not even win a single title
First World War of 1975 and the second World Cup in 1979 was won by the West Indies, 1983 got a new champion- India

Sports desk At present, the World Cup environment becomes months ago, but it was not 44 years ago. Then there was no particular interest in the players as well as the common people. The first woman's cricket world cup was played in 1973. The 3rd World Cup was flagged off in a meeting on July 25, 3 days before the final of this tournament, which was played in 1975.

Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, who was only 17 years old in the 1975 World Cup They say – in fact at that time we did not know what the World Cup is? I think teams participating in it also do not know the importance. England is considered to be the father of cricket, but he could not win this title at any one time so far.

The first time the World Cup was organized in 1972

The first time that the World Cup was organized was held in the annual meeting of 1972. However, the biggest obstacle in organizing this tournament was India and Pakistan. After the war of 1965, sports relations between India and Pakistan had worsened. The ICC feared that if India and Pakistan refuse to play in this tournament, only four Test playing countries will remain. The ICC gave the green signal for the tournament on July 25, 1973. Although earlier it was not named World Cup. Daily Express named it 'International Tournament'. But this name was not used. The next day the official name of this tournament became 'World Cup'.

TCCB's responsibility to organize the tournament

ICC entrusted the Test and County Cricket Board (TCCB) the responsibility of organizing this tournament. TCCB further became the England Cricket Board. The biggest problem was the money. TCCB had kept the cost of this tournament one million pounds (15 million rupees). By 1974 the ICC and TCCB did not get the title sponsor, then decided to organize TV rights and sponsorships. However, in the US, the insurance company of America became the sponsor of the Prudential World Cup. ICC called it a prudential cup. But people and the media considered it a World Cup. The tournament started from June 7, 1975. All the teams had arrived here a day earlier.

The draw of the tournament was removed only a year ago. The media did not take it seriously until the start of the tournament. On the first day 20 thousand people reached Lords to watch India-England match. England had scored 334/4. India had scored 132/3 in 60 overs. Opener Sunil Gavaskar scored 36 runs. Although this tournament did not get a good start, but the match-to-match, it gradually pulled the attention of the audience towards it.

The first three World Cups were named after Prudential Cup
The first World Cup was held in 1975. Venue – England The greatest contender was Australia in 1975, but with the image of 'Calypso Cricketer', the West Indies, who came out to the ground, surprised everyone by becoming the first cricket champion of cricket. Captain Clive Lloyd was asked to master the art of converting 11 boys into a cricket team. In 1979, then became the West Indies Champion. Found new champion in 1983- India Before the tournament was started, the speculative market was at 66-1 in India. I.e. completely rejected.

Hero of India's victory in 1983, Kapil Dev
Captain Kapil Dev caught the historic catch of Vivian Richards after running behind 20 yards in the final. Kapil's unbeaten innings against Zimbabwe's 175 not out still remembers all the fans. This is the fifth World Cup hosted by England. But the English team has not won the title till today.

Three consecutive World Cup wins Australia
Sachin got out in the first match of 1999. His father was dead. India lost to Zimbabwe. Only a day after Father's last rites, Tendulkar scored 140 runs against Kenya and won the team. India reached Super Six. Australia defeated Pakistan in the final and the Australian era debuted. In 2003, Team India, ready to captain Ganguly, reached the finals by winning 8 consecutive matches. The team was in tremendous form but got scattered in the final. In 2007, India was out in the first round in the captaincy of Dravid.

First World Cup was played outside of England
Since 1987, the Prudential Cup has officially received the World Cup name, and by 1999, there were always new champions. Australia in 1987, Pakistan in 1992 and Sri Lanka in 1996. For the first time in 1987, the tournament took place in a country outside England – in India and Pakistan The match starts from 60 to 50 overs. India lost to England in the semifinals in 1987. In 1992, for the first time in colorful clothing, white balals and round-robin formats were played. The group stage format came back in 1996.

The host country became the only winner in both world cups
'Dhoni finishes it off in style.' Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hit a six off long on Nuwan Kulasekara and India became the world champion after 28 years. India became the first country to win the World Cup final in their country. Sachin again scored the highest score of 482 runs. Yuvraj Player of the Tournament The tournament was held in Australia-New Zealand in 2015. India won 6 consecutive matches in the group stage. Lost in the semifinal against Australia Australia defeated New Zealand in the final to become the fifth champion.

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