IAAF told Caster Semenya Run in men's category or reduce hormones UN official said this injustice. IAAF said on the speed of the women's runner- run in men's category or reduce hormones - Online Betting Guides
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IAAF told Caster Semenya Run in men's category or reduce hormones UN official said this injustice. IAAF said on the speed of the women's runner- run in men's category or reduce hormones

United Nations Human Rights Commission has called this decision excessive with unnatural and Semenya
Castor Semenya has increased the amount of hormone named Testosterone in the body.
IAAF also suspected being Castor's woman

Monaco (Europe) Castor Semenya is the female runner of South Africa. 2 Olympic gold, 2 Commonwealth gold, 3 world championship gold has won. In 2009, Castor ran for the first time in the world championship. Take 4: 08.01 minutes in 1500 meters race. The world was shocked at the tremendous speed. The effect was that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) only suspected Castor's woman.

IAAF pleaded for Fair Play

Castor's Gender Till was done. It was found that their speed is so much more than the other female runner, because the amount of testosterone hormone leaking in the body is very high. The Federation said that now Castor women can not run in the category. If they want to run, men will have to run in the category or they will have to reduce the T-level (testosterone level) of the body through medical process. The plea for this full demand was made of Fair Play.

Federation considering sharing the race based on T-level

Now the federation has always wanted all the race to be divided on the basis of the runners' T-level. Meaning that the same T-level racer can run in the race. Now the United Nations (UN) has intervened on this. The United Nations Human Rights Commission has said that women who have a higher T-level have found them in a natural way. It is unfair to tamper with it, is unnatural and is against human rights.

Performance of different events in this way improves if the T-level increases in female athletes

The event
Performance Improvement

Sprint 2.73%

Hurdle 2.78%

Hurdle 1.78%

Hammer Throw

Pole vault

What is T-level: Mole hormone, makes a physical active
Testosterone is the harmon hormone. These are only in the body of men. It can be between 300 to 1000 nanogram per dl. T-level leads to mood, physical and mental activity. In women, its volume is 20 to 30, which is considered to be negligible. This T-level only reached between 400 and 500 in runner castor semenya's body. For this reason, he is genetically stronger than other female athletes.

Fact: T-level varies throughout the day, it is difficult to measure

When IAAF began to consider the women's race on a T-level basis, the University of Colorado Boulder researched it. It was found that mathematics is only wrong in measuring T-level in women. The research team had said- 'Only the T-level can be detected through blood tests. But the greater fact is that the T-level of any human being grows many times in the day – decreases. It depends on her mood and many other reasons. The TA-level tests IAF did not take care of. Therefore, they are faulty. '

T-level in sports: T-level more than 7 women in 1000
Good T-level is very important for athletes. The better the T-level, the better the Stamina and Strength. Generally, t-level at mail athletes is more than 500. T-Level increases by exercising, eating favorite, doing favorite work. At the same time, only 7 women out of a thousand are found to increase T-level. According to estimates, less than 1% of women in the world are seeing such cases.

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