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'I will be fast again'

May 14, 2010, 14:27 Update: May 14, 2014, 14:30

He is called 'Cutter-Master' in Bangladesh. Like many comets in 2015, he came to Bangladesh cricket. After that, it can be said in a single word, 'I came, saw and conquered.' But international cricket is not a very easy place. Opponent camps were constantly studying the bowlers' inexplicable deliveries. So, the wonderful cutting of Mustafiz once started losing its opening. After a few injuries and balls, the discussion starts in Crichtanga, Fiz is going out. But Mustafiz is one of the other metal fabricated. Let the cricket world start to surprise itself so that his habits

In the first match of the tri-series in Ireland, Bangladeshi cricket fans have seen a strange Mustafiz in the first match. Fijay, who took two wickets in 10 overs in the 10 overs against the West Indies, was the most expensive bowler in the team by 84 runs. However, in the next match, the left-handed paceman appeared on the left hand. The star pacer danced to the Caribbean batsmen in the cut-off spell. He took 4 wickets for 43 runs in 9 overs. Match-fixing players selected in Tigers win

After the great performance against the West Indies, now Mustafiz is very busy The left-handed pacer took the last 4 wickets against Pakistan in the Asia Cup in Abu Dhabi last September in ODIs. And the Man of the Match won a lot more days ago. In 2010, against Ireland, this match took four wickets in Dublin. After almost two years in the one-day internationals, after feeling confident of taking a match-winning award, Mustafiz said after the match, "I am very happy to be a match-winning player. Hopefully, it will not take much time to win the next Man of the Match award. My self-confidence increased after taking the first wicket. '

Seeing the ups and downs in nearly four years of international career, Along with the time of good time, the difficult times have passed and now many become Mustafiz. He has no previous credit, he has responded to criticism in a great cricketing analysis. "When a new bowler comes to play, many do not know anything about him. That's what happened to me. And in the beginning I played most of the matches in the country. And after most injuries, most of the matches are now playing on the foreign soil. If I used to play in the country, then the old man could see me. Because the balls in the country's wicket are a bit more grip and the ball also changes. '

The World Cup will start after the tri-series. Mustafiz wants to take the confidence against the West Indies too. Want to play a special role in the death overs bowling. Talking about the prospect of a good ball in the mega-game of cricket, he said, "I can not do well here in the first match. However (in the next match), there will definitely be confidence in doing good. I have become accustomed to bowling over death for a long time now. The World Cup in front, I want to do consistently well there. '

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