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How will the World Cup pitch?

What will be the pitches of upcoming World Cup matches, whether the batsmen will get the benefit or the bowlers will do well – the comprehensive analysis is going on. Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar thinks the upcoming World Cup pitch will be batting, but the ball will swing in the traditional warm conditions.

In the Indian press, recently, Sachin said, "In the last Champions Trophy, we saw that the wickets were excellent after sunset. In summer the wickets are usually flat. I am sure that batting is a wicket in the World Cup in England. "

The former Indian star also said, "I do not think there is a lot of difference in the condition if the sky is not very cloudy. If the sky is cloudy, the ball can rotate slightly. '

In the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL), some of the players, including Indian captains Virat Kohli, Hardi Pandia and KL Rahul, have performed well. Asked whether it would be helpful for the World Cup, Sachin said, "Good performance in any format provides a player's confidence. This confidence is important in the World Cup. '

"Players get some time to adjust to the conditions," said Sachin. Everyone is playing enough cricket to understand what to do to improve. '

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