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How To Win At The Casino

The truth about the casino is that, given the right circumstances, it is possible to win at the casino, thereby answering your question “How to win at the casino every time?”

It all depends on the dealer of your board. The world of the casino is a very dynamic one and often the advantage player will play a certain board for a while before vanishing.

Sometimes players can spot certain weaknesses in the dealer which, if exploited correctly can result in substantial winnings. There are certain factors that help a player to determine the beat ability of a game.

I will go through these factors below and help you to identify how to exploit these factors to your advantage and win at the casino.

If the dealer is sloppy or haphazard in their procedure, it will lead to an opening in the game. That is why it is paramount for you to initially determine the type of dealer that is handling your board.

If the dealer handles your board in a tight manner then find a new board where the dealer is sloppy and gives you opportunities to exploit inside the game.

Most of the times, the tight dealers work in first shifts and only occasionally work weekends, so the best time for you to hit the casino is the weekend when the rush is high and you will have more opportunities to spot sloppy dealers.

Another factor to determine inside the casino is how often the dealer can be sloppy. Even tight dealers can be sloppy at times, so it is in your best interest to spot a weak dealer in order to win the game.

The newbie dealers are inexperienced and not familiar with the procedures of the game and so they will lose more often than not.

These kinds of dealers care more about dealing the cards to the right person, and so sometimes they expose their hole card to someone who’s paying close attention to the proceedings.

Another important factor regarding dealers is their physical limitations. Late shift dealers can be both mentally and physically exhausted. Casinos are also notorious for not allowing their dealers to have proper rest.

Thus, even the most experienced dealers are prone to being sloppy after a few hours at work. Thus, it is paramount for you as an advantage player is to get proper rest and plenty of sleep before a game so that you can stay focused and ready to spot the slightest amount of dealer sloppiness.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a dealer doesn’t have to be sloppy in order for you to exploit the game. Some dealers are only forced to tighten up when they realize that their managers are inspecting them.

The physical characteristics of a dealer also play a significant part when you want to exploit the game. Consider this proposition: a skinny woman who has small hands and is dealing at your table.

It is common sense that she will struggle to deal with the cards at your table, considering that your casino table is pretty large. She will also struggle at shuffling the cards properly due to her small hands.

The Casino

So, if you are sharp enough at the time when the woman deals the cards on the table, you can catch a glimpse of the next card that will be dealt with by her.

Once you understand how to exploit the game due to the physical limitations of the dealer, or the sheer sloppiness from them, you need to determine how to take advantage by properly strategizing and figuring if indeed you can extract some profit out of this game.

This is no small feat and you would need to be aided by a computer to determine the complexities of your task. The computers might give out an impractical strategy, but you can formulate your own strategy based on the recommendations from the computer.

Every single game played at the casino can be beaten if you can exploit the right set of circumstances. I tried to mention some of the most important tips that will help you to set the ball rolling in the casino. I hope that I have managed to answer your burning question “How to win at the casino every time?”

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