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How much is Ronaldo's hair transplant cost?

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is not only skilled in football, but also known worldwide due to the constant style and fashion awareness. Ronaldo has started working in the field and regularly appearing in the field as attractive. Juventus Starr launches a new hair clinic to prevent hair fall due to boycott problems.

The problem of the boys' baldness is called 'Allopesia' in medical terms. In many countries of Europe, the problem of the boy's baldness has increased recently. Handsome Ronaldo want to save the guys from this problem. From that thought, Ronaldo has introduced this hair clinic called 'Inspraia' in partnership with a non-government organization. In Spain, he recently owned 50 percent of the company's ownership. There are 10 other clinical clinics in the company's own name, Portugal.

Ronaldo said in his inaugural ceremony of his own hair clinic, "There is a big problem for boys who are bald. So I only heard the clinic's idea. I think our clinic is totally unique and innovative. I believe this project will be successful. '

The Portuguese star, who invited all those who are suffering from the Tuck Problems to their clinic, said, "Everyone really likes to take care of themselves. I want men and women who are suffering from chicken problems, they can come here. If I ever need it, then I will work to grow hair. I want to contribute to the Spanish people and the country's economy.

An average person will take six hours to grow hair at Ronaldo's clinic. Around 150 people will be recruited in the clinic for the purpose of transplanting around 18 people every day. It will cost four thousand to six thousand euros.

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