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He is the permanent manager of the team

28 March 2015, 17:23 | Update: 28 March 2015, 17:31
Jose Mourinho was dismissed as Manchester United's coach in December last year. In the English Premier League, Manchester United have moved towards the bottom. The next story can be compared to fairy tales. Gunna Sulsar took charge as an interim coach, dragged in front of the ship as a skilled navigator on the high seas. Prior to losing to Arsenal in March in December, United won 12 matches in the Premier League unbeaten.

In the Premier League, the performance of the first 12 matches strengthened the claim of being in the position of coaches. United won two matches against 10 victories at the time. Man U will return to UEFA Champions League at the FA Cup in UEFA After losing a 2-0 win over PSG at the home ground in the last sixteen matches, the third-leg scored a remarkable 3-1 win in the second quarter to ensure the quarter-finals.

Since then, the Norwegian has been demanding permanent permanent maneu coaching from all the continents. Eventually, the club announced the appointment of Sunsar as coach. United has played several seasons for himself. Now the team has been appointed the permanent coach. "It was a great honor to have played in Manuela," the coach said. I got the responsibility of standing coach, which was my dream. Hopefully, we can bring good news for the supporters of the team in the long run.

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