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Harsha Bhogle writes on IPL matches between Hyderabad and Mumbai, Chennai and Punjab. Hyderabad-Mumbai match will take place

Sunrise between Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians at 8:00 pm
Hyderabad 3 out of 4 and Mumbai Indians have so far won 2 out of 4 matches

Many times, more satisfaction than unilateral victory results in a wretched victory. I know that this thing may not look right. But its second meaning also is that you do not leave your efforts to be perfect. It makes you realize that you can not take anything lightly. After defeating Delhi Capitals on a slow and difficult pitch for the batsmen, the team of Sunrisers Hyderabad will feel something like this. The Hyderabad team came here after making a score of more than 200 in two matches, but it also had to face difficulties in reaching 130.

The team is now back to Hyderabad, where the ball comes on the bat easily. Here the stadium will be colored with orange color. But this time it will be a team of Mumbai Indians, which will bring the situation of Hyderabad. There is full hope of running the runs here. It also meant that the differences between the two teams would prove to be a match.

Chennai-Punjab encounter on the pitch of spinners
The other match will be between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. Chennai's team can not afford to make a helpful pitch of spinners on the home ground as the Punjab team also has some good spinners including Ashwin. Especially Ashwin is well aware of the situation here.

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