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Harsha Bhogle says dependency on one player in IPL T-20 cricket not good for teams More dependence on a player is not correct

Kolkata attack against Andre Russell in final over
Similarly Hyderabad needs the wickets of Rashid bowling

Unlike ODIs and Test cricket, a lone player exerts more influence than his performance in T-20. The thing is not just about making runs or taking wickets, but opposition teams also start making their own strategies accordingly. Both of these facts are seen in the competitions we have played this week. Against CSK, KKR was moving towards making more than 180 runs at a time. Perhaps this score remains quite enough to win But in the last over, KKR's attack is entirely dependent on Andre Russell. Of course the team has many other good players, but dependency on Russell has influenced the team.

Similar to Rashid found in Hyderabad. Of course, they have not been able to get the same wickets as often they used to have. Although their economy rate is the best. Clearly, the opposition teams know that making runs in Rashid's overs by six runs per over is not a loss deal. Rather, if they try to attack their balls, then it will be like playing in Rashid's hands. Hyderabad, with Rasheed's 22 runs without any wicket, will be more than happy to perform with 35 runs and 3 wickets.

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