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Harsha Bhogle Says: Delhi capitals aspiration can turn down slow pitch | Delhi's Armaan can turn down on slow pitch

Delhi Capitals beat Mumbai Indians by 37 runs in their first match
He scored 78 runs in 27 balls with 7 fours and 7 sixes

Delhi may have deleted the devil even after its name, but this team showed uneasiness against Mumbai Indians. Mumbai's bowlers, especially Rishabh Pant, would have been surprised by this performance. In Pant's innings, there were three occasions when my eyes were torn off and open mouth open. The six when the hand was off the bat. The bridge which they put through the helicopter shot, and the square used during the completion of his half-century, made me stand up from my seat.

I do not know whether it was a young man's unimaginable or demonstration of his skills by a talented batsman. But about Pant I want to know all the different aspects of these definitions. If Pant's batting was extremely ruthless and harsh, then the same liquidity in Rabada's bowling. The laminar flow that I had been told about in the college, ie the partial flow, was that. After the last step of intuitive, orderly, without any extra effort, the real catastrophe starts with Rabada bowling.

Rabada starts bowling at a speed of 143 kmph and easily reach 150 km per hour in three balls. These days most of the bowlers are slowing down their pace. When you bowl like Rabada, reducing speed seems like a concession. This is exactly like ballet dancers do a hip thrust to satisfy the guests who are at the wedding. It does not matter if this is a T20 format, the batsmen still do not like speed.

Given the availability of Trent Bolt, Ishant Sharma and Chris Maurice and Prashesh Khan, Delhi Capitals will need a favorable pitch on Feroz Shah Kotla. Slow and lower pitch can rotate on their armaons. In such circumstances, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Chennai Superkings bring pressure to the opposition team under pressure ball. If Delhi capitals have to travel further this year then the pitch curator will need to speak the language of the team.

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